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Mission Statement


New Hope Counseling Center (NHCC) is an outpatient treatment facility. The philosophy of New Hope Counseling Center is a client-centered atmosphere in which individuals can gain make changes while being treated with dignity and respect.


Serving all individuals in Weld, Adams, Boulder, and surrounding counties regardless of; race, religion, age, or sexual orientation. NHCC uses Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) approved Impaired Driving materials, produced by The Change Companies.


NHCC complies with all Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) Substance Disorder Treatment Rules 2 CCR 502-1 effective 11/1/2013. As well as all federal and state statutes, and regulations, applicable to providing substance use disorder, and mental treatment services.



I didn't think it could be done, but New Hope Counseling Center (NHCC) does just that, integrating professionalism with down to Earth, peaceful, easy going ambience that takes an otherwise unpleasant tedious task to a newer higher level of behavioral conditioning. NHCC has really helped me change my way of thinking and living to a better healthier way of life. I would recommend NHCC to everyone who is having issues or not. Toni and Christina are just great people to be with. Thank you NHCC for everything!

Santos Luis


I  came to New Hope at a rough time in my life. I was feeling lost and hopeless. Toni and Christina made me feel welcome, part of the family and helped me not only see my potential but helped me find the courage to get there. I can never thank them enough.

Susan L 

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